Почему цемент ЮКЦ?

Why choose SKC cement?

Cement by specially developed formula with an active mineral additive provides high crack resistance, rapid hardening and reduced reinforcement corrosion.

Опыт и возможности

Experience and opportunities

A modern production line developed in partnership with the cement holding Italcamenti -fifth world major cement manufacturer. The plant capacity – 1 million tonnes per year.

Высокий стандарт качества

High quality standard

We produce high-quality cement that meets up-to-date standards for constructional materials.

Сервис и дилерская сеть

Service and Dealership network

In each area of Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, our trade representatives are working to provide a supply and marketing service at the highest level.

The strength has a name - and it's SKC cement!

New formula with active mineral additive

The advantages of cement SKC

Than our cement is better?
  • i1.jpgGuaranteed durability
  • i2.jpg Crack resistance
  • i3.png Fast solidification
  • i4.png The reduction of corrosion of rebar
  • i5.pngReducing the cost of construction
  • i6.png Frost resistance
  • i7.png For all kinds of designs
  • i8.pngModerate dissipation

Types of Portland cement

What do we offer our customers?

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Useful information

Purchasing procedure, retail points and more

News of SKC

Up-to-date information about our company's life

Our history

The company was founded in 2010
in partnership with the cement holding ...

Since then, we have built hundreds of commercial, public and private buildings and facilities. We have achieved a lot over the past period, and if you value energy and strength, value your time, materials, make plans and comparisons at each separate stage of the project, you should consider our enormous productivity as this is exactly what you need. We are proud to keep up with you!