Почему цемент ЮКЦ?

Why choose SKC cement?

Cement by specially developed formula with an active mineral additive provides high crack resistance, rapid hardening and reduced reinforcement corrosion.

Опыт и возможности

Experience and opportunities

A modern production line developed in partnership with the cement holding Italcamenti -fifth world major cement manufacturer. The plant capacity – 1 million tonnes per year.

Высокий стандарт качества

High quality standard

We produce high-quality cement that meets up-to-date standards for constructional materials.

Сервис и дилерская сеть

Service and Dealership network

In each area of Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, our trade representatives are working to provide a supply and marketing service at the highest level.

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Логотип компании

Concrete Calculator

M 100 / B 7.5 - Preparation works before starting concrete placement for monolithic slabs and foundation. It is also applied as a concrete pad in road construction works.M 150 / B 10 - Preparation works before starting concrete placement for monolithic foundation; foundations for small building spaces; for filling floors and screeds, concreting roads.M 200 / B 15 - Manufacturing foundations, floors, screeds, concreting roads, raft and piled foundations, stairways.M 250 / B 20 - Monolithic foundations.M 300 / B 22.5 - Monolithic foundations, fences, walls, stairways, floor slabs. The most demanded concrete grade.M 350 / B 25 - Floor slabs, columns, monolithic walls, pool decks, beams and crossbars.M 400 / B 30 - Bridge conduits, columns, crossbars, bank vaults and other structures with special requirements.