High quality standard

Our job is to conform the quality of our products to your demands and exceed your expectations as you are a consumer of our products. For this purpose, double-quality control of products has been implemented at the SKC plant, which includes internal control by the SKC production laboratory and external quality control that is carried out by the independent laboratory of the "Stroysertifikatsiya" center. The modern equipment of the SKC production laboratory allows conducting accurate analyses of clinker and cement: the special X-ray spectrometer ARLOPTIMX, which together with the VENUS 200 Minilab device provides a high degree of accuracy while carrying-out of the analyses. The laboratory activity is carried out in cooperation with the German company VDZ. In addition to the research activities, the laboratory has the right to: prohibit raw materials that do not meet the existing standards; demand remedy of the process flow disruptions, if any; prohibit sales of products that do not comply with the standards. The objective internal control is regularly confirmed in the accredited laboratory of "Stroysertifikatsiya" center, which conducts test of each batch of the bagged SKC cement and issues a document confirming the quality of the products. Each type of cement produced at the SKC plant has a state Quality Conformance Certificate.

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