Mission and Goals

мисиия5.jpgOur mission - We are continually improving and creating a solid foundation for your future!   

The successful achievement of our company's mission is based on seven fundamental values. Respect of those values and adherence to them permeates the daily activities of our staff members:

Professional competence, high efficiency and productivity

We make the maximum use of existing resources, and every worker in our factory operates at full capacity in order to achieve the result – high quality products. We are constantly aiming to improve the quality of our work and we are open to fair criticism. We are constantly improving and refining ourselves. Our enterprise is constantly working to match the quality of our products with the international standards.

Responsibility and discipline

In our plant there are highly qualified professionals, both national and international. At the same time each staff member is self-organized and is responsible for the results of his or her work, and each staff member continues professional development. 

Teamwork, trust and effective relationships 

Our strength lies in unity. Our close-knit staff is acting as a team that shares the goal, but it will be possible to achieve only if each player is working in a fully integrated manner. We discuss any differences that arise immediately and directly in a trust-based dialogue. We create open and benevolent treatment for everyone.

Airtight Management

Our managers keep their finger on the pulse of the team that speaks with one voice. They set goals and objectives in a prompt, clear and intelligible manner. The training of their subordinates is the responsibility of each leader. The effective management of employees in our company is based on trust.

Initiative and creativity

We encourage fair ideas and initiatives. Two-way interaction of managers with staff is open to any proposals that will help improve the production process and upgrade the quality of products. 

High quality, customer perspective

Our job is to conform the quality of our products to the demands of every consumer and exceed their expectations! Each employee builds his or her actions and priorities according to the customer's needs. We are a client-oriented company and we are trying to offer the highest level of service.

Respect for law

We respect and strictly observe the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the countries where we export our products. Our cement is produced in accordance with all technical regulations and has certification documents. We respect our workers' labor rights and monitor their safety in the workplace.

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