Social responsibility


As part of its corporate mission, SKC CJSC lays emphasis for the support of socio-economic development of the local community.

The company participates in a number of social projects: Development of social infrastructure.

Being aware of its social responsibility to the local community of Kyzyl-Kiya SKC CJSC has supported the construction of a kindergarten and renovation of the hospital in the countryside.

Emergency service

May 28, 2016 SKC CJSC has rendered assistance to the Orozbekovo village in Kadamjay District when managing the torrential flood losses. SKC CJSC has allocated construction equipment with men and fuel. The clean-up works in the village were successfully completed in six days.

On January 19, 2017 the whole personnel from the "South Kyrgyz Cement" plant (SKC CJSC) unanimously expressed willingness and desire to help the families of the victims from the plane crash of cargo aircraft near the Manas International Airport. The workers of SKC CJSC has shipped cement to the victims in the amount of a hundred thousand som. 

16 мая 2017 г. трудовой коллектив завода компании «Южно-Кыргызский Цемент» (ЗАО «ЮКЦ») единогласно выразили желание и готовность помочь семьям пострадавших при сходе оползня в селе Аюу Ошской области. Работники ЗАО «ЮКЦ» отправили, для нужд пострадавших цемент, муку, сахар и другие продукты первой необходимости.

«Трагедия произошедшая в селе Аюу Ошской области и оборвавшая жизни 24 кыргызстанцев не оставила равнодушних. Коллектив ЗАО «ЮКЦ» выражает глубокую скорбь в связи трагическим происшествием. Мои искренние соболезнования родственникам погибших» —Томаш Ярема, генеральный директор ЗАО «Южно-Кыргызский Цемент». 

Cooperation with The Osh Technological University named after M.M. Adyshev

The students from the Osh Technological University named after M.M. Adyshev visited the SKC plant as part of an educational field-trip. The students saw all the production stages of cement manufacturing process in practice. SKC CJSC will continue to work with educational institutions for the purpose of training skilled personnel in the mining industry.

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