Portland cement CEM I 42.5 N




SKC Products 

Fineness of grinding (through sizer 008), on a percentage basis


Specific surface area, m2/kg

Not be subject to limitation


Setting up time, hour-min 



not earlier than in 60 min




Sounding of cement

No more than 10


Compressive resistance after steam curing, MPa


Ultimate strength in 2 days of cement hardening:

  • compressive strength, MPa

No less than 10


Ultimate strength in 28 days of cement hardening:

  • compressive strength, MPa

No less than 42.5


Distinctive features

This cement grade offers a wide range of opportunities for designing concrete mixes and other dry building mixes of various kinds, with high technical performance of concrete and guarantee of cement strength amounting to no less than 43 MPa. The distinctive features of Portland cement CEM I 42.5 N include rapid strength gain, high persistence in fresh water and in the air, high frost resistance. This cement's high compatibility with superplasticizers allows to increase storage life of concrete mixes that leads to the possibility of transportation over long distances. With up-to-date polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers one can produce high-grade concrete.

Recommended use

  •   for preparation of dry building mixes and plaster mortars;
  •   for use in monolithic construction;
  •   for use in reinforced concrete structures, which meet the requirements on frost and cracking resistance;
  •   for preparation of paving blocks and flagstone.

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