Sulphate-resistant Portland cement M400 D-20




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Fineness of grinding (through sizer 008), on a percentage basis

No less than 85


Specific surface area, m2/kg


Setting up time, hour-min Start


no sooner than in 45 min

no later than 10 hours



Compressive resistance after steam curing, MPa

Group I - at least 27 MPa, Group II - 24-27 MPa


Ultimate strength in 3 days of cement hardening:

  • bending strength, MPa
  • compressive strength, MPa 


Ultimate strength in 28 days of cement hardening:

bending strength, MPa 

compressive strength, MPa 

no less than



Distinctive features

The consumers can apply this cement grade in all types of constructions, while it can also guarantee them obtaining cement compression strength equal to 40-43 MPa for a period of 28 days. The specific feature of Portland cement M400 D-20 is low CL (Chlorum) content that helps to extend the lifespan of concrete products due to reduced corrosion of reinforcement. Through the dynamics of strength development this cement grade can be used for all types of concrete products and monolithic constructions. In addition to that, due to the medium heat evolution during hydration Portland cement M400 D-20 can be applied in concrete placement for large-volume foundations. This cement's high compatibility with superplasticizers allows to increase storage life of concrete mixes that leads to the possibility of transportation over long distances.

Recommended use

  • for preparation of plaster mortars;
  • for use in monolithic construction;
  • for use in precast reinforced structures;
  • for production of small concrete goods.

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