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We have a multinational professional team here at South Kyrgyz Cement CJSC. Our enterprise has a system of continuous training designed to provide workers with the required knowledge and skills. SKC CJSC uses the full range of modern learning tools — business training, seminars, special training programs, overseas internships, advanced training courses, distance learning, and more.

Working in SKC CJSC does not only mean having a wide range of career opportunities, but it is also a real challenge for those professionals who want to deal with ambitious tasks. We are looking for self-motivated people with modern knowledge of technologies, who are ready to adopt the best practices of the previous generations and continue their own professional development while working for the SKC team. In our enterprise you will find interesting work, opportunities for carrier and professional growth, a stable salary, and a guaranteed social package.

The main criteria for the selection of candidates are:

meeting the job expectations;
required professional skills;
respect for the mission and the values of the SKC company.

If you are a dedicated, ambitious, creative and active professional in your field of specialization, who is aimed to develop and grow, join the SKC team! 


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Concrete Calculator

M 100 / B 7.5 - Preparation works before starting concrete placement for monolithic slabs and foundation. It is also applied as a concrete pad in road construction works.M 150 / B 10 - Preparation works before starting concrete placement for monolithic foundation; foundations for small building spaces; for filling floors and screeds, concreting roads.M 200 / B 15 - Manufacturing foundations, floors, screeds, concreting roads, raft and piled foundations, stairways.M 250 / B 20 - Monolithic foundations.M 300 / B 22.5 - Monolithic foundations, fences, walls, stairways, floor slabs. The most demanded concrete grade.M 350 / B 25 - Floor slabs, columns, monolithic walls, pool decks, beams and crossbars.M 400 / B 30 - Bridge conduits, columns, crossbars, bank vaults and other structures with special requirements.