Production technology


South Kyrgyz Cement CJSC is an enterprise that produces high-quality cement based on up-to-date dry mix process and it has been put into operation since 2010. The design capacity of the plant is 2500 tons of Portland cement clinker per day. The plant represents high-tech modern production that consists of several technological operations.

Extraction of raw materials.

The main components for the clinker production are:

  • limestone,
  • clay loam,
  • iron ore.

To mine limestone and iron ore drilling-and-blasting method is applied, clay loam is mined through surface mining operations by excavators. Then excavators and forklifts load the solid into dump trucks and transport it to the plant.

Raw materials preparation process.

After fragmentation clay and limestone are stored and averaged in warehouse tents. Then limestone, clay loam and iron ore are sent into feeding silos of the raw mill and dosed according to the nominal mix of raw material into the closed-cycle ball mill (Ø 4.6 x 13.5 m), where the raw meal is side by side gritted and dried up to the humidity < 1%. The raw meal with a certain chemical composition is averaged and stored in optimization silo (Ø15 x 35 m), with a capacity of about 6 000 tons.

Clinker burning.

 From the optimization silo the raw meal is sent to the rotary kiln (Ø 4 x 60 m), which is equipped with a carrier-gas heat exchanger and an external calcinator, and is burned at a temperature of 1450°C until the Portland cement clinker is received. The clinker is burned by the coal combustion that has been gritted in the ball mill. The clinker generated in the kiln is cooled by the fans in air-quenching cooler and transported in the storing silo (Ø 45 х 35 m), with a capacity of 40 000 tons. 

Cement miling. 

Clinker, gypsum and additives in the ratio required for the production of a specified cement grade are loaded into the cement ball mill (Ø 3,8 x 13 m) with a closed-loop separators. The produced cement is stacked and stored in four silos (Ø 15 × 37 m), with a capacity of 7000 tons each. 

Shipment to the consumers. 

The cement stored in silos is placed on the packing line and put in 50kg bags and in the supply silos for the shipment of cement in bulk. Part of the cement is packed into 1-ton soft big-bag containers. Transportation of cement is carried out by road. 

The entire production process is fitted with a high level of automation and is controlled by the Production Control Centre. The quality of the final product and all production processes are controlled by a modern laboratory that produces cement, the quality of which is approved by the state certificates of conformity.

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