Dear entrepreneurs, our potential partners,

You may produce or supply the materials and services that are required for the production process or sales of products from SKC CJSC.

If you are interested in becoming our supplier, please review and complete this application form.

In accordance with the mission of SKC CJSC the procedure for procurement of materials and services for the company's needs is based on fair competition, transparency, adherence to bidding procedures and the company's price policy.

Our partners should have a legal status that allows them to enter into commercial treaties and conduct business activities in accordance with the law.

The goods and services offered for delivery must have a quality certificate and other permits for trading these good \ providing these services in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our colleagues from the supply office will be happy to answer the questions you have about obtaining the status of a supplier of SKC CJSC.

  • General issues;
  • Questions on raw materials supply;
  • Questions on fuel supply;
  • Questions on supply of spare parts of machinery and equipment;
  • Questions on the supply of services.

List of goods purchased by South Kyrgyz Cement CJSC  


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